About the Chatham Islands

The Chatham Islands is an archipelago of 11 islands, of which only the two largest islands are inhabited: Chatham and Pitt Islands.

Situated in the Pacific Ocean, some 860 kilometres east of Christchurch (New Zealand), the Chatham Islands is New Zealand’s most easterly territory. The time zone on the Chatham Islands is 45 minutes ahead of mainland New Zealand. There are approximately 600 people living on the Chatham Islands, including 40 or so people on Pitt Island. These islands support a thriving business community and a unique way of life. about,chatham-islands

The Chathams have a range of stunning landscapes,  from rocky coastlines, volcanic peaks, limestone and basalt cliffs to swampland and lakes and endless expanses of golden or white sandy beaches.  There is certainly plenty for you to see and do.

Each region of the Chatham Islands has its own unique features and flora and fauna. Some of the world’s rarest species live on these islands.

With everything in easy reach, each day of your holiday can be spent exploring a different region of  the Chatham Islands.

The Chatham Islands are the first inhabited place on Earth to greet the new day and with a rich cultural heritage this is a holiday not just about places, but also about people. Take the time to discover the history about this ancestral home of the Moriori people, with the landscape revealing and telling their stories through the many sites of cultural significance.

For the discerning traveler who seeks a unique and multi-faceted experience, a holiday on the Chatham Islands is like a precious unspoilt diamond: from tramping to exploring, every day is a journey of discovery.

With an economy mainly dependent on commercial fishing, the visit is not complete without dining at the fisherman’s table while enjoying the generous hospitality of the Chatham Islanders. Accommodation providers (and guides) can be located by searching the directory at the left of most pages.

And if gazing up at the stars is your thing, then the biggest problem will be choosing which one to look at. The skys are so clear here, that there are literally billions in the night sky. Holidays don’t get much better than this.

So come on over today to a unique corner of New Zealand and discover for yourself the Chatham Islands.

A wee reminder though, that in order to film anything for commercial purposes on public conservation land you must have a concession from DOC. This includes activities such as making a documentary, movie or advertisement. Please visit the following link for more information >>>>>

Local Time

The Chatham Islands is the first inhabited place in the world to see the rising sun each day. Local time is 45 minutes ahead of mainland New Zealand and observes the same daylight savings start and finish dates.