Chatham Islands Festival 2018

Better than Anywhere : Experience something from off the edge of time…forty-five minutes ahead of mainland NZ, the Chatham Islands will be holding their 10th Annual Festival on March 10th 2018.

With the theme Absolutely Chathams this is a Festival not to be missed.

Each year the festival organiser finds an outstanding entertainment package that covers a wide range of musical genre, feels and styles. In the evening the festival goers can look forward to a phenomenal night at the “Den” Norman Kirk Memorial grounds where the festival will have been held throughout the day.

The Chatham Islands Festival showcases the Chatham Islands;

  • culture,
  • arts,
  • food
  • music,

There are also lots of family entertainment and activities, including;

  • speed shearing,
  • talent quest,
  • Kapa Haka performance,
  • bread baking,
  • cake decorating,
  • best tasting local honey,
  • creative arts competitions,
  • at least 20 food & art stalls,

and near the end of the day, there is a charity auction.

The Chatham Islands is a great place with great people who have a real flare for fun and hospitality.

Each year we are attracting more people locally and nationwide, so for those visitors wishing to visit the Chatham Islands for this event please make your travel and accommodation bookings soon, due to the popularity of this event.

All relevant information about the Chatham Islands can be found on
Please contact the Chatham Islands Festival Organiser, Erin Tuanui on 033050426 or