Exploring the Chatham Islands

The Chatham Islands is some 6300 hectares of spectacular scenery, mystery, beauty and endurance.

Visitors on their own journey of discovery are often amazed at the range of things to see and do and how much history and culture they learn about here.

From coastal wetlands and sea shores to basalt hills and limestone cliff, there is something for everyone.

In the regions

There are six distinctive regions on the Chathams for you to visit:

Central Chatham Island the economic hub

Northwest Chatham Island with its sand dunes and basalt columns

Northern Chatham Island with its great walks and scenic reserves

Northeast Chatham Island renowned for its seafood and historic sites

Southeast Chatham Island for stunning cliffs and views of Pitt Island

Southwest Chatham Island for bird watching and golf

Pitt Island for hunting and rugged scenery

  • Buff Weka
    Buff Weka
  • New Zealand Fur Seal
    New Zealand Fur Seal
  • Rookery
  • Time Out
    Time Out
  • Blue Penguin
    Blue Penguin
  • Oyster Catchers
    Oyster Catchers
  • Buller's Mollymawk
    Buller's Mollymawk
  • Gull
  • Mollymawk
  • Buff Weka
    Buff Weka
  • Black Robin
    Black Robin
  • Black-Backed Gulls
    Black-Backed Gulls
  • Wandering Albatross
    Wandering Albatross