Northwest Chatham Island

The Northwest Chathams features diverse landscapes from coastal sand dunes to basalt columns and can be explored in a full day

Located north of Waitangi, the road sits above sand dunes and passes a series of lakes where visitors can enjoy spectacular views of large sand blow-outs and remnant kopi stands. 

The rocky coastal road affords extensive views of the coast and long-dormant volcanic cones before heading across the central plateau towards the east coast.





Highlights include:

  • Ohira Bay basalt columns
  • Maunganui stone cottage
  • Whangaroa Harbour (Port Hutt)
  • Cannon-Peirce and Harold Peirce Secenic Reserves
  • Waitangi West beach

Please remember though, that in order to film anything for commercial purposes on public conservation land you must have a concession from DOC. This includes activities such as making a documentary, movie or advertisement. Please visit the following link for more information >>>>>

  • Buff Weka
    Buff Weka
  • New Zealand Fur Seal
    New Zealand Fur Seal
  • Rookery
  • Time Out
    Time Out
  • Blue Penguin
    Blue Penguin
  • Oyster Catchers
    Oyster Catchers
  • Buller's Mollymawk
    Buller's Mollymawk
  • Gull
  • Mollymawk
  • Buff Weka
    Buff Weka
  • Black Robin
    Black Robin
  • Black-Backed Gulls
    Black-Backed Gulls
  • Wandering Albatross
    Wandering Albatross