Discover Pitt Island

Pitt Island, home to approximately 40 people, lies some 22 kilometres to the southeast of the main Chatham island.

The Moriori name for Pitt Island is Rangihaute. The Maori name is Rangiauria.

The European name for the  island is in honour of William Pitt, the Earl of Chatham. The island has also been known by other European names: Pitt’s Island, The Cornwallis Islands and Hunt’s Island.


Employment on Pitt Island comes primarily from farming and fishing. More recently, Pitt has become a significant and sought-after tourism destination.

Pitt Island may only be 6300 hectares, but it carries a precious cargo of some of the world’s rarest birds and plants. There are some 800+ hectares set aside as Scenic Reserves. These provide a secure habitat for the many bird species that live there.

The island is incredibly rich in history and is often the highlight of visitor’s holidays to the Chatham Islands.

Early morning fog rolls off Pitt Island

You can visit Pitt Island for a day tour (Book through your accommodation provider) or stay at your choice of the accommodation providers on the island.

Pitt Island is officially the first inhabited place on Earth to greet the new day.  (first to see the sun)

Pitt Island, with its majestic cliffs, rugged scenery and bush reserves is a must see.

Site of Historical Interest – Glory Cottage

The Glory cottage is one of the oldest buildings on the Chatham Islands and was built in the 1860s by William Jacobs for his shearers. The cottage overlooks Glory Bay, which is named after the brigantine ‘Glory’ that struck a reef off Pitt Island. Glory Cottage has been restored and is managed as a historic reserve by the Department of Conservation.

Pitt Island Tour

Daily tours depart from Chatham Airport to Pitt Island. Bookings are ESSENTIAL, as visitor numbers are strictly limited. As most of the Pitt Island in privately owned and many Scenic Reserves are impossible to access without crossing private land, guided tours are the best way to see the island.

Special interest tours can also be arranged. Contact your accommodation provider or Pitt Island Day Tours

For more information and to book tours to Pitt Island contact Pitt Island Day Tours

Please remember though, that in order to film anything for commercial purposes on public conservation land you must have a concession from DOC. This includes activities such as making a documentary, movie or advertisement. Please visit the following link for more information >>>>>