Hunting and Fishing


The Chatham Islands are infamous for it’s trophy wild pigs, sheep and cattle, all of which can be found across the two main islands.

The rugged cliffs of Pitt Island are home to the legendary Pitt Island Wild Sheep and the Wild Rams with their magnificent spiralling horns. With the luxury of experienced local guides you can access some of the best locations on both islands.


The Chatham Island crayfish is the best in the world – ask any New Zealander. The bounty of the marine wilderness around these islands is enough to excite any fisherman – Hapuka, Blue Cod and Paua.

Try a fishing charter, shark cage diving, spear fishing, rock casting or simply take a scenic tour. Experienced skippers and crew are available for charter from most Chatham Islands ports.

During March and April, the rock lobster season is closed and no-one is allowed to catch lobster. (this ensures a sustainable fishery for both commercial and recreational fishers)

Private Land Access and Signage

Many places of interest are located on, or accessed over, private land for which permission is required. On the Chatham Islands private land often extends from the roadside to the water’s edge. Most main visitor sites are signposted.

Landowners are generally accommodating if asked and your host can help you obtain access permission. A fee may be required so please enquire.

Always leave gates as you find them. It is important to respect private land. If in doubt, please ask.

We ask that you help us preserve these valuable resources by taking only what you need for a meal, or the local bag limit, whatever is less.

Enquire from your host about the local limits and fish and game cleaning practices.